Monday, 26 July 2010

Their Freedom, His Choice

How long before we get such an opportunity in Scotland? Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg has invited public views on unnecessary laws, restrictions on civil liberties and regulations that hamper business. You can read all the recommendations from the public here. Use the search box or tag clouds to find any subject of interest to you.

Don't forget to watch Nick Clegg's video recorded on 9 July saying that 'of course' the smoking ban was one area of policy that would not be changed. Public annoyance at this announcement can be found among the more recent recommendations and comments, some people declaring that the exercise is a sham.

See threads Repeal and Change the Smoking Ban, Lift smoking ban in pubs and clubs at management's discretion, and today [18 July] Personal Message for Nick Clegg.

Action on Smoking and Health, in a press release from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, expresses annoyance at the level of opposition to the ban:

Pro-health campaign ASH has accused the tobacco industry of orchestrating pro-smoking comments on a website launched by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg in a move to get ‘unnecessary’ laws and regulations scrapped.

This has led to another thread on Your Freedom, Time to Review the Libel Laws, in which posters insist that they are not influenced by loyalty to the tobacco industry.

It is encouraging that comments are threads on this topic are growing, in spite of Nick Clegg's intention to pour cold water on the issue. Further efforts are being made to alert MPs to the Early Day Motion 406, an attempt to address the smoking ban (see previous post below).

Please join in and find other ways to alert your MP and local press that you want change!

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