Monday, 24 September 2012

No comment from ASH Scotland on PE 01451?

After the Scotsman article on Friday detailing our petition I have been waiting all weekend for Sheila Duffy's response. She can usually be relied upon to make a robust rebuttal of anyone who challenges the wisdom of tobacco control in the pages of the Scotsman.

I've had to wait until today for the daily ASH Scotland news bulletin (not posted online yet), only to find that neither Friday's coverage at the Scotsman, nor Sunday's at the Scottish Sunday Express (which was not online, but they cover reports regularly that are not online) even made it to the daily news bulletin!

I wouldn't even mention this had I not found their coverage in the past to be pretty reflective of what's out there in the mainstream press: not all of it favourable to their cause.

Can it be that Sheila and her crew are lost for words?


Jay said...

They're all too busy signing the ASH Wales petition, apparently. :)

Michael J. McFadden said...

Lost for words?

A speechless Anti?

Wow! Sounds great to me!


Anonymous said...

She and Rollo are on Suicide watch at a local Mental hospital perhaps!