Thursday, 6 February 2014

Health, safety, toxicology and hypotheses

Hat tip Junican, see comments. In reply to Linda Bauld.
You can't go far wrong if, whenever you see the word 'may' in science, you dismiss the supposition. Science does not do supposition or superstition. It does hypothesis. Scientific investigations MUST depend upon an initial hypothesis. It would be extremely silly to assume that the hypothesis is true, and act upon it, without confirmation of its truth.

The propositions of Public Health are, at the moment, concerning ecigs, ambivalent, and this is a serious matter. There ought to be no such ambivalence.

The mechanical safety of the machine is not a 'health' matter. It is a 'safety' matter, just as electric kettles are a 'safety' matter. The liquids are also not a 'health' matter. They are a 'toxicology' matter. That is, the danger of trace elements in ecig liquid is a matter for scientists in toxicology to decide, and not the Public Health advocates.

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