Thursday, 2 September 2010

Champix can damage your health

Concern has arisen after New Zealand government's drug funding body Pharmac has agreed to fund Champix in a deal with Pfizer that includes three other drugs. Pharmac had previously refused to fund this drug because of safety concerns but now 'cautiously' endorses it. According to Pfizer, the benefits of Champix outweigh the risks.

Unfortunately if you take Champix, you may not get the advantage of both. I've included this blog on Champix on the blogroll, giving the experience of people who have taken Champix. I know there are people who take it without ill effects, but if you do experience ill effects they are extremely unpleasant, in some cases immediately life-threatening, and people should be aware of the risks.

More comments from users of Champix can be found here – a Canadian site about personal injury lawsuits discussing a class action against Champix (or Chantix as it is known in the US).


Anonymous said...

Used this product for about two weeks, I felt fine, however friends and family thought I had gone barking mad.


health topics, pregnancy, diseases, wellness, yoga said...

There are lots of things that can damage health, but what is safe is just to keep things moderate, anything that's too much is bad for the health.

health topics said...

Let us take good care of our health.