Monday, 26 July 2010

Display Ban in Scotland/Early Day Motion at Westminster

We have made a response to the Scottish Government consultation on draft regulations to the Display Ban. This is due for implementation in Scotland in supermarkets next year and small shops in 2013. Our response can be seen here.

See also our press release on this.

(Unfortunately, not for the first time, some of the punctuation has not been included - it was correct when it went to them!)

Imperial Tobacco are currently challenging the Scottish legislation at the Court of Session in Edinburgh: this process will take place over the next few months.

At Westminster, the display ban, which became law in autumn last year, will be reviewed according to press reports, like this one, for example.

More international information is here:


A Westminster MP has put forward an Early Day Motion, which has so far gathered 23 signatures. This MP is a non-smoking asthma sufferer who nonetheless feels that enough damage has been done to the hospitality trade. He says in an email: 'It might be worth saying that I am an asthmatic and non-smoker who is aware of the freedom of those who don’t smoke not to have smoking inflicted upon them, but I am equally aware of the vital importance of pubs and clubs in our communities and to our social wellbeing.'


Please make your MSP and/or local press aware that you oppose the display ban.

Urge your MP to support Motion 406, even if you are resident in Scotland: your MP is still accountable to you, the voter. Use 'write to them' as this will track the MP's response.

Action from members and supporters will magnify the impact of committee actions. Please do whatever you can.

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