Sunday, 30 September 2012

Scottish national tobacco control strategy – for tobacco control eyes only

Minutes from the August meeting of the Scottish Tobacco Control Alliance state that the next stage of national tobacco control in Scotland will not go out to public consultation, but only to tobacco control advocate groups.

On the bright side they will be putting on a ceilidh in the spring for fundraising purposes, according to the section on funding. Expect fewer free summits in the future.

H/tip to Jay and Eddie for the link.

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Anonymous said...

I have copied those minutes - they may come in useful sometime.
If I was funding the advertising agency known as ASH I would be seriously questioning what I was getting for my money. No one actually seems to do anything but hold seminars and meetings, with a view to conning others into doing their dirty work for them. The comments about the 'grass roots alliances is very revealing. Is their support 'at grass roots level' draining away? I see that Linda Bauld is up to her neck in the advertising racket as well.