Saturday, 7 April 2012

Smoking not part of Lansley's life

We're all in it together, remember?

But Andrew Lansley wish to persuade us that 'smoking is no longer part of life'. He used it to justify the tobacco display ban, which we have been reliably told he voted against when in opposition.

All this means is that there is an official policy to denormalise tobacco: not that most of its users recognise that smoking is no longer part of life.


Chris W said...

What gets me is they are trying to denormalise Smoking but trying to normalise Homosexuality with contemplating allowing same sex Marriage, the country has gone mad !

Xopher said...

I would like to think we had representatives with backbone but it seems they become more akin to slugs once any of them get a post within Government.
Lansley is simply one of many who disrespect Britain, its history and its people, in fact he's a traitor to his Country.