Saturday, 7 April 2012

Display ban enters England: Freedom to Choose (Scotland) interviewed on BBC News 24

Yes it's true. Michael Davidson (Chairman, Freedom to Choose (Scotland)) was interviewed yesterday evening on BBC News 24. This is a rolling news service and unfortunately doesn't do i-player. So I haven't even seen it and I was out of the house working yesterday when he got the call and still there when the broadcast went out.

The display ban, introduced on Good Friday in England, seems to involve sliding doors in front of the cigarette racking, behind the tills at the supermarket checkout (small shops don't have to apply it until 2015). Checkout staff must queue up to access cigarettes and close the sliding door after each one. Nothing sensible like leaving the doors open for the next cashier. How long is such madness sustainable?


Xopher said...

Our local Sainsburys seems to be having problems ;<)
They seem to be short of some varieties and the chap in front of my wife commented "It'd be easier to by a line of Coke than get cigarettes here"
Maybe a trip to the 'burger van' will be the best bet = Burger, coke & 200 fags please.

These people haven't a clue what they've done but any reasonable statistician should be able to point out that the ever growing increased financing of Tobacco Control correlates very closely to the increased failure to achieve lower smoking rates.

Unknown said...

Not only that Belinda the till staff are not allowed to tell you the price of any tobacco product but instead they have to point to a list of tobacco prices. In my case at my local Asda's this list was under the counter which a pensioner had to get onto his hands and knees to see it.

Also my local store, Asda's, has a habit of being slow to stock their shelves so consequently often what you usually buy is not there. This means, when talking about tobacco products, you have to look for an alternative but you cannot now see that alternative so have to ask to have the covers open to make an informed choice...which is a no no???

This dystopian law, and all other tobacco related dystopian laws much be changed and fast. This is harassment in the first order!

Unknown said...

Read MUST instead of MUCH. Also the price list of tobacco products is on the customer side of the counter in line with a persons knees.

Well it is a Saturday and the beer is flowing.

Belinda said...

what a stupid place to put the list, John

Unknown said...

Well Belinda they can't put the list on the counter itself for all the other paraphanalia on it, likt the health lottery cards etc. Also the list is in printed in a small font...are they trying to tell us elders something?

Xopher said...

How the hell can I manage ?????
I can't read so I'll have to get my social worker to help!!"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"In my case at my local Asda's this list was under the counter which a pensioner had to get onto his hands and knees to see it."


Hmm, sounds like it's down low close to the ground making it that much easier for all the young underage kiddies to walk up to and see. So kind of defeats their purpose if they're hiding them so the adults can't see but the little children, whom they are trying to "save", can.

Anonymous said...

Well done Michael. I can imagine the presenter does his introduction and says "Michael, surely anything that reduces youth smoking is a good thing."

Dry mouth, mind goes blank and that childhood stutter returns.

Well done for your guts.

Dave Atherton

Chris W said...

You could queue up for ages only to find that the only brand you smoke is out of stock,not as easy to glance at the shelves anymore,very annoying !