Sunday, 27 November 2011

Who's in charge over there?

What do Scottish Parliamentarians do if they want to smoke at work?

It's all written down here, in a policy statement from the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body, the organisation that runs the Parliament building and its affairs. It tells you where and when you can smoke and what you must not wear while doing so. It tells you what will happen if you flout the policy. The sugar on the pill is an offer to cover half the costs of treatment to any employee who wants to give up smoking (what's in it for them – being known as Investors in People, perhaps?). (This looks as if it could add up considerably, but it is limited to £292 per person per year. We might never know why they don't just round it up to £300.)

I don't know what the Macedonian equivalent to the SPCB is but wouldn't it be fun if this situation kicked off here?


alf stone said...

"Please also be considerate of the impact of noise levels on those working in rooms facing on to the courtyard."

How noisy can smoking a cigarette be?

Anonymous said...

A courtyard is generally enclosed by four exterior walls on all sides. How can they legally permit smoking if it has four walls all around.