Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Schuman trial on home smoking: Repace debates

I got my version of this from Frank Davis who raises his hat to CAGE Canada for the story.

The trial concerns some ultra-sensitive plaintiff who has brought in a private prosecution against a smoker, in a case that will test home smoking bans. The trial has seen some dramatic moments ...

This link describes the case, and a discussion follows in which chief witness for the plaintiff wades right in. Not any old witness – this is James Repace. The debate is worth following just to see how he manages (not quite unnoticed) to evade questions and fail to cite evidence when asked to.

I don't quite understand how he gets away with participating given that the proceedings are not yet over – glad he did though.


Bill Gibson said...

Looks as though the Choice Groups have seen off both Simon Chapman and Jimbo Repace within the past 3 weeks ... so its now time to concentrate on the crooks within our own Tobacco Control Movement here in the UK. Expose them all for what they are, Public Funded Fraudsters ... yes Prohibation Makes Crooks Rich

Xopher said...

What a great read with the ultimate hissy-fit.
Did Repace question Judge Albert Northrop's fitness to hear the case? Is the judge a smoker? Has he ever smoked? Has he ever represented Big Tobacco? Is he intelligent enough to question such a lauded expert as me?

Do not adjust your mind - Reality is at fault!