Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Scots urged to ban smoking in cars

Apparently Welsh parents are being given a period of grace to see whether a public education programme will change people's behaviour. The British Lung Foundation wants Scotland to follow the example of Wales.

Since there is (we are told) no safe level of secondary smoke, a delay in implementing the most severe restrictions is somewhat strange. The emphasis is on children after all. Not legislating immediately is endangering millions of children's respiratory systems forever, isn't it?

A delay suggests that the government recognises the sensitivity of legislating activities in private space. Many people who feel the government is pushing its luck defining pubs and restaurants as public spaces would be pushing their luck by extending rulings into a private car.

This could be a recognition that banning smoking in cars would be more a political gesture than an effective measure to protect respiratory health. There are unquestionably threats to children's respiratory health in this country, but it is very doubtful whether banning smoking in cars would be more than tinkering at the edges.


Dick Puddlecote said...

I don't think even the daft Scots will go for banning 'driving in cars'. But, then again ...


Lysistrata said...

Well, the headline that Scotland is urged "to ban driving in cars" certainly grabbed my attention. And I almost believed it, Belinda. I wouldn't put anything beyond your wee kirk administrators.

And given that actual driving in cars (rather than making love in them, or using them as henhouses) is a cause of pollution AND stops children walking everywhere, why not?

Protect children's health now!!!

Stop driving in cars: reduce pollution and increase children's exercise thereby reducing obesity.

Double win for the health witchfinder generals.

Unknown said...

Easily done when it's getting late. It has been amended.

Bill Gibson said...

As usual, scientificly proven technology leads he way ...

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and for good measure, add Private Property Rights

Bill Gibson said...

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