Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Networking: tobacco control, social marketing and real friendship on Facebook

From Dick Puddlecote and CAGE Canada, reporting the disappearance of Stirling University's Freedom of Information Request page yesterday.

As if to demonstrate further the Ivory Towers mentality of tobacco control comes this letter from tobacco control advocates Simon Chapman and Becky Freeman, down under ... leading to this Facebook group. You get in only if you have the right attitude and probably the right friends.

Social marketing in, commercial marketing out ... fair enough to a point, but what's with all the secrecy? For the record, ' We don’t welcome anyone with tobacco industry ties and those who are regularly offensive.' I don't have any ties to the tobacco industry, but I won't waste their time by applying.


Malenfant said...

It seems to me that Vincent-Riccardo Di Pierri, is right, "By its beliefs and tactics, antismoking conducts itself like a cult." Or, possibly Scientology, or the Masons.

Belinda said...

Malenfant: that sounds like a fella worth reading. Don't know his name.

Malenfant said...

Definitely, Belinda.

Have a look at:

"The Author studied undergraduate Psychology & Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and was awarded a PhD in Psychology at the same university in 1991"

You can download the book for free (top right hand corner)

Belinda said...

I've seen it before, I remember it now. Thanks anyway!