Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Further comment on Stirling University and the FOI

In support of the University complying with the FOI request from Philip Morris we have this.

The second comment sets out the problem clearly:

The purpose of FOI's is enable policy making and the information and decisions leading to it, to become fully transparent. Anybody refusing to comply evidently has something they'd rather the rest of us tax paying mugs didn't see.
For Stirling read the rest of tobacco control.

A rather less reverential piece on Stirling University from Leg-Iron can be found here. I have to confess that I went to Stirling University in the 1980s and completed my degree several years later with Open University – sadly a close ally with Stirling University in Tobacco Control. My memories of Stirling University are hazy at best.

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handymanphil said...

Couldn't agree more Belinda ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll not return to my last university either for a further degree and it's specifically because of their on-campus smoking bans the main reason, all their other dictatorial and one-sided progressive agendas the other. When they email and mail out requesting donations and benefactions, they are rightly refused - and on occassion when they telephone, I tell them to their face why too. Let them carry on until eventually the public funding for overpaid prejudiced anti-smoking professors dries up and the whole university system can dry up and go to hell along with it. If they don't teach anything but political indoctrination and anti-smoking bigotry anyhow, then losing them as a function of society won't be anything to cry about anyhow. Good riddance to bad trash - and that includes today's prejudiced, lying, propagandizing university sytem, infiltrated by pharmaceutical corruption and lying through its teeth to its students and communities.