Wednesday, 7 September 2011

And on Scotland, more on smoking in cars

I don't know why this topic has generated so much interest in the Scotsman. Today we have 1) a letter; 2) a report on the British Lung Foundation's call to ban smoking in cars in Scotland; 3) an exchange of views between Tom Miers of the Free Society Website and Dr James Cant, Head of the British Lung Foundation in Scotland.

Says the British Lung Foundation,  'smoking just one cigarette in a vehicle, even with the window open, creates a greater concentration of second-hand smoke than a whole evening's smoking in a pub'. Really? one cigarette in a vehicle? A people carrier? a Mini? Small pub, big pub? Pub with or without open windows? This surely epitomises the vagueness of the whole threat of passive smoke. How can one cigarette (especially in a car with an open window) produce the same level of emissions as a few hundred? 

And if this is the case, why did they ban smoking in pubs at all? Children of course are the people in our society without choice. Adults can choose to go into a pub, or remain elsewhere. 

There's also a poll – but not very much interest in it.

An MSP's tweet about smokers outdoors at the Edinburgh Festival firework display generated a little more interest


Malenfant said...

The letter writer liked to in your article, Dennis Grattan. seems to be a serial correspondant on smoking since at least 2009. All the letters appear to be copy and paste from the anti-smoking playbook. I smell something fishy.

Belinda said...

here's a follow-up letter: