Friday, 25 February 2011

Strathclyde Chief Constable: smoking ban may be responsible for more killings

Inevitably not everyone agrees, but the logic is persuasive. Cheap drink, combined with a policy denormalising smokers in a hard drinking culture, has led to more domestic violence. The smoking ban has inevitably brought more drinkers home.

(ASH Scotland, of course, has all the answers.)


auntieban said...

Bel - from your bottom link, follow the links through REFRESH and then 'Latest research on second-hand smoke'. They appear to have widened their remit a bit.

My apologies if this is all old news.

Belinda said...

It certainly isn't. Thanks auntie!

Smoking Hot said...

Residential drinking dens? :) ... people's homes then?

lf l was a terrorist l know where my target would be on March 3rd! ASH has reached the status of being a cult religion now. lt's simply amazing how many courses they can dream up for indoctrination.

Hasn't anyone from F2C infiltrated the guest list? :)