Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Junican won by confounding the results

At the end of October Tobacco Control Blog recently ran a competition to come up with the best way to improve the rhetoric of anti-smoking campaigners. The short list and results can be seen here, and the clear runaway winner, 'JWatso', took 77 per cent of the votes.

JWatso (also known as Junican) is a regular contributor to blogs, and is very far from being a supporter of tobacco control. Although the results of the poll/competition have been fairly clear for some time (I for one haven't checked them since the cold weather started), they weren't announced until yesterday in a rather stiff congratulatory note from the blog's editors – the editors realised of course that the winner of their poll, who scored just over three times as many votes as the combined totals of the other participants, was an enemy to the cause of tobacco control!

Frank Davis reproduced Junican's reply. Junican should be a professional blogger. This piece corrects all the assumptions and half-veiled accusations put forth in the editors' congratulatory note to him, and with style. I'm still waiting for it to be added to the Tobacco Control Blog as a comment, because [the editors] 'do not reject comments simply because the editors do not agree with them'.

Aye, right.


Anonymous said...

The BMJ editors rejected my comment supporting Junican. It was polite.

Dick Puddlecote said...

No comments have appeared at all, and there must have been plenty considering its coverage. How rude of the BMJ after we gave them so many page views.

Haven't the BMJ bloggers heard of blogger etiquette? ;)