Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Imperial Tobacco sales up

Imperial Tobacco has seen a huge rise in tobacco sales, especially rolling tobacco, as smokers seek cheaper deals. Roll up! Roll up! cries The Guardian, uncharacteristically relishing this unwholesome development, and talking us through the brands, trends and marketing tricks.

ASH of course has its own ideas (reports The Guardian). Never mind the ban on smoking, the rise in duties, advertising restrictions and all the other inconveniences that might make smoking look the truly rebellious thing to do. The rise in roll-up smoking is down to the fact that rolling papers were not included in the advertising ban and are being promoted everywhere. Music festivals and all that sort of thing.

(They forget that because of the advertising ban that the marketing men have to be much cleverer in order to get their job done. If tobacco were still advertised it would be more in the pages of colour supplements and on boring billboards, than pushed at young adults at music festivals.)


Smoking Hot said...

Ha ha ... how much was bought in the UK?

Viva la Resistance!

timbone said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! ASH really do make me ROFLMAO. Do they say something ridiculously retarded because they have to say something, or is it because they are indeed ridiculously retarded.

It is so incredibly transparently easy, if you master then art of rolling your own and aquire the taste then it costs a third less, at home and abroad.

A smoker who rolls his/her own is also physically aware that what they inhale is a much purer product.

If only the government would stop funding ASH. I would love to buy some tobacco from a couter where Arnott was the shop assistant lmao