Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Small bar exemptions to Dutch smoking ban formally announced

A formal announcement in the Dutch parliament confirmed that there will be an exemption to the smoking ban (first reported on this blog here), to include any bar below 70 square metres and without employees. Fines so far issued will be allowed to lapse, meaning that the ban, for small one-operator businesses, is effectively in tatters.

This development is the result of determined opposition and effective lobbying from the Dutch hospitality industry . These people have not given up the fight, and will move on to defend the entire hospitality industry's right to entertain its customers properly.



Smoking Hot said...


Michael J. McFadden said...

Future generations will know a cartoon of a big frizzy haired Dutch Boy sticking a cigarette into a hole in a dike and saving Holland!


Anonymous said...

While in the UK there will be a cartoon of MPs and MSPs sticking an NRT Suppository in a different hole.