Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nicotine vaccine barking up wrong tree, says hypnotherapist

Vaccine-crazed, surely: the idea that one vaccination can stop nicotine cravings. Chris Holmes reports. The idea of vaccinating children against the possibility of enjoying nicotine later in life is frankly abusive: especially given the track records of similar medications based on the idea that you can medically block patients from getting pleasure from nicotine.

(I am not convinced that people don't get pleasure from nicotine, even after their first upsetting experience, and I can't understand from Chris's narration why people smoke when under stress. He says that people smoke for pleasure but that's not the full story. I am a very light smoker – seven or eight a year – and never got that nasty effect on the first attempt)

Vaccinating people according to official recommendations even on medical grounds (disease prevention) is already controversial. Adding vaccinations that will affect behaviour and preferences to the cocktail already administered to children is both medically and ethically hazardous.


Anonymous said...

There are no (tobacco related) nicotine receptors. Nicotinic receptor pathways are involved in the perception of pleasure via activation by nicotinatime adenine dinucleotide (NAD) or the derivative NADH. Vaccinating people against pleasure has some seriously dark connotations.

david said...

These people are a serious menace to society. I can envisage a time when Tobacco Control-related illnesses reach epidemic proportions

George Speller said...

A scary proposition. What happens if you say no? MMR set a very dangerous precedent. Whatever next?

Kin_Free said...

I left a comment on chris holmes story yesterday but it has not appeared. Maybe he hasn't got around to authorising it or he doesn't want to allow it in true anti-smoker form, so I will post it here if thats okay with you Belinda.

Hi Chris. I agree with many of your points and indeed this is frightening but you make some points that need to be questioned. You appear to have been able to see that much of tobacco control 'science' and many of their claims are fallacious yet still believe that much of what they claim is genuine, even though wrong, exaggerated beyond any reality or absurdly 'played down'.

eg. "The notion that smoking relaxes people is a myth."

This is pure, tobacco control industry propaganda yet stated with conviction as if it was factually correct! Maybe it has something to do with your chosen occupation to aid smoking cessation by hypnotherapy? ie "It is difficult to get a man to understand something , when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" (Upton Sinclair)

How do you measure 'relaxation'. is everyone 'relaxed' by the same things, is relaxation purely physiological and measurable or is there more to it? How can a non-smoker claim (and it IS non/anti smokers who make this claim!) to have any idea at all that smoking does not relax? Tobacco CONTROL science was compromised many years ago. Psychological suggestion and other brain manipulation techniques can induce someone to like/dislike anything within reason and you may have the OPINION that smoking does or does not relax the smoker but you CANNOT claim either as fact! There is much evidence that smoking does indeed relax, and can produce many other benefits to the smoker, particularly in relation to brain function.

"It causes heart attacks and strokes, for Christ’s sake."

Are you sure about that Chris?

Again, more TC propaganda! How can smoking 'cause' heart attacks when heart disease is the BIGGEST killer of non smoking males over 50 and non smoking females over 60? What ‘causes’ their heart attacks and why can their ‘cause’ not be the same as smokers? Does non-smoking ‘cause’ heart attacks?

According to an NHS survey in 2006, 30% of strokes were suffered by smokers (roughly the same % of the population) whereas never smokers accounted for 47% - same question as with heart disease applies. Look further and we see that smoking has been steadily declining for years, but lung cancer continues to increase!

Questioning long held beliefs and Logical thinking is needed to begin to understand the tobacco CONTROL fraud.