Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Hungarian Perspective

Hungary has been trying to bring in a smoking ban for some time. Not everyone agrees with it, though.


Pat Nurse MA said...

I was there about two years ago staying with a friend's Hungarian family. They were astounded at our smoking ban and said they were disheartened as they believed the model of a free state was Britian.

No one minded at all when you smoked in restaurants and pubs and I know because I asked each and everytime I lit up.

These people fought against the Russian oppressors in the 1950s and the young left to go to canada to be free. They came back only after the wall went down. These brave heroic people know the true value of freedom and the true place in the debate about smoking...,. and it ain't health.

Unknown said...

Next stop is prison for smoking where you are told not to.

Nice to see that the resistance is working though, TC is worried now...GOOD!

Belinda said...


Don't go to Barbados:

Smoking Hot said...

Maybe Hungary are trying to beat Bulgaria's world record of the smoking ban only lasting 3 days.

Given the economic state of the EU with countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal tottering on the edge and Germany still muting about leaving the Euro one has to look in total disbeief as they economically damage countries more with the smoking ban. Especially so when most of these countries depend on tourism.

They are like Lemmings who are hurtling down a hill towards the cliff who decide to try and stop themselves by jumping on roller skates!