Saturday, 15 September 2012

No new evidence? New petition launched

Four years ago the European Commission published an indoor air quality standard entitled:

The document refers to smoking several times. One example:
The level of air quality required, and the method of classification applied shall be specified. Whether smoking is allowed or not is an important input. The necessary air flow rates to achieve the specified requirements shall be calculated. If nothing is declared, the rates of outdoor air per person for Indoor Air Quality category IDA 2 can be used as a default.
The European Commission, the details of whose forthcoming (and rather savage) revised tobacco directive have been leaked to the press, have published evidence that tobacco smoke can be dealt with in the same way as any other toxin. In essence this is (1) establishing a safe air quality standard; (2) advising how to remove the toxins in cases where the air quality standard is breached.

Somehow in spite of having published this guidance on air quality, the European Commission has adopted an authoritarian stance recommending smoking bans in all indoor workplaces everywhere in Europe, as if there were no other solution available to a mild toxicity problem.
PE 01451, Review of smoking ban

The smoking ban in Scotland is based on this extreme position, and the new petition PE 01451 asks the Scottish Parliament to request the Scottish Government to take seriously the existence of a European standard that should enable smoking rooms to operate.

A FOI request established that the Scottish Government had no record of this standard as of last summer, even though it was published in 2008. It is therefore new evidence, which the Parliament did not have access to when the legislation went through in 2005. All they had (or all they paid attention to) was the mantras 'there is no safe level of secondary smoke' and 'ventilation doesn't work'.


Bill Gibson said...

This is your chance to have your say, so sign the Petition and leave a comment ... the more support we have, the better the chance of making a difference.

Anonymous said...

"the mantra 'ventilation doesn't work'."

Do the politicians not understand what is involved in ventilation?

It is the replacing of the air in a room with different air.

If this is done regularly, there will be very little or no SHS/ETS to be found in the room's air.

Many building codes mandate 6-10 of these 'air exchanges' per hour.

Thus, the SHS/ETS air is being 'exchanged' faster than smokers can smoke their cigarettes.

Gary K.