Saturday, 9 June 2012

Showing that tobacco growers are also critical of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

h/tip the Foresteirann blog for this small story. Tobacco growers, through their association the International Tobacco Growers' Association, issued a statement at the end of the ITGA's African regional meeting at the end of May. The declaration expresses opposition for the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, pointing out that it was not meant to eradicate tobacco farming but its implementation has been characterised by a failure to consult adequately with growers.

You can watch the CEO of the ITGA, Antonio Abrunhosa, in televised debate here.


Anonymous said...

I use to be a tobacco grower with a quota of 3200 pounds in tennessee. If you go to Hartsville Tenn close by Al Gores farm in Carthage where he still grows tobacco using mexican Labor . You can see a health dept was built directly in front of the Largest tobacco wharehouse in town! In fact the tobacco control orifice when they had one wasnt located in the Health Dept building but in the social services building. How do I know,its quite simple a google search of the phone number they left thru an automated phone bank messaging system showed that building but no known address. I just went down and walked in to say Id like to see the Tobacco control advocate here and the receptionist turned white as a ghost....then went on to say we have no such office in this building while a girl down the hall quickly shut a door with a sign inside the office that said second hand smoke is no joke. Ya the signs had been plastered all over town in the public right of way right prior to elections in 08!

These folks are scared to death especially in tobacco country. But most of them arent even zealots just folks taking a job in hardtimes trying to make a living.

The true zealots are the ones drawing down the 5 and 6 figure incomes like Deb Arnot or Ellen Hahn at the university of kentucky.

Anyway I made the rounds in Hartsville after those secodn hand smoke is no joke signs showed up,I handed out write ups about the JUNK SCIENCE of second hand smoke and everybody was really pleased to get them.......Thats what began my one man war against the prohibitionists. We will win as we always do,its just our turn to defend liberty and fight the fight as our great grand parents did 80 years ago........

HAPPY HUNTING harleyrider1978

Anonymous said...

It is really sad that the statement in the link has to be made. Tobacco growers grow tobacco because there is a demand. They would grow something else if the demand was greater and the produce more profitable.

The Holy Zealots have one track minds. They care nothing about the fortunes of tobacco growers. All their talk about 'diversification' is hot air. Shut down tobacco production and sod the consequences is their motto - targets must be achieved.

I am glad that this person spoke up, but I fear that he is a voice in the wilderness. But he will not be so for ever.

Anonymous said...

It's funny the the bastards don't ask for prohibition - you don't bite the hand that feeds you...

Instead they try to vilify anyone,from the smoker to the grower in order to achieve their purpose