Friday, 15 June 2012

Packaging industry lines up to oppose plain packaging

The story is here. Perhaps even now the tobacco control researchers are trying to trace all the links between the packaging industry and the tobacco industry. But it is clear that plain packaging in tobacco (and the clear possibility, which tobacco control fails to recognise, that this is a slippery slope that will take in other products sooner or later) will clearly have ramifications on the packaging industry.


Anonymous said...

The packaging industry is going to lose tons of money because this is going to spread to other industries and then companies will no longer change their logos, which requires retooling and new printing, will no longer employ design agencies as plain packs will be generic and in the case of tobacco, pushes people into the black market, then black market products aren't going to avail themselves of the mainstream packaging industry what-so-ever. So there doesn't need to be an allegation of a tie between packaging industry back to tobacco industry, just common sense alone indicates that the packaging industry in and of itself and on its own realizes - it will begin losing money thanks to plain packaging requirements - and more so when the unelected dictators demand other products be plain packaged in due cours of time. That is just plain common business sense, something the anti-smoking industry does not comprehend - since they do nothing that creates products or jobs, other than quango jobs, sitting in offices leaching off taxpayer money and diverting it from useful needs to their selfish desires and feeding their egos and pocketbooks at the same time. Accuse, though they may, they have gall, considering they do nothing of value themselves and know nothing of the standard business model in operation since time began, are just pharisees, leaching from the public purse.

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