Monday, 7 May 2012

Camus photograph censorship bid fails

Photographic impression of Albert Camus by Cartier-Bresson has been allowed to remain on display in spite of campaign by French Green party activists.

Camus logo


Anonymous said...

How hateful are these people who want to censor the truth out of existence and rewrite history to suit their current petty agendas. People like that don't even deserve the freedom to open their mouths and should be sent to re-education camps where they are taught what liberty, truth, justice, rights, responsibilities, private property and freedom is all about. Instead of destroying virtue and the good things gained from it over the ages, perhaps they could be made to understand that if they aren't part of the solution, going forward, then they are just part of the problem and a drag on everyone else, a hindrance on freedom, not a promoter. The fact it is the communist inspired green party makes sense, the source of inspiration from whence their goals for censorship derive.

Jonathan Bagley said...

A bit off topic: I'm interested to know whether the Conservative Party's measures to block porngraphy will include this very famous painting which is on public display at the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. A bit of a blow for History of Art students.'Origine_du_monde