Monday, 7 May 2012

ASH compiles a list of people whose views on plain packaging cannot be taken seriously

It's here.

This is where article 5.3 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control will take us. Everyone is ridiculous except tobacco control.

And they forgot this blog! (Must try harder.)


Lysistrata said...

Well no, obviously our view can’t be taken seriously, because we disagree with them. So we are wrong, and must be obliterated.

And even if 99.9999% of us have no links to Tobacco Control whatsoever, they will invent those links out of thin air and produce a briefing against us anyway under Art 5.3 so they can stick their fingers in their ears and go ‘lalala we can’t hear you and we will stop anyone else hearing you.’

And let’s not forget, they really are aiming for a totally smokefree world: that’s the endgame.

Do they know how CROSS I am this evening about that lying ASH briefing? I am going to spend the next few days looking up EXACTLY where every ASH trustee gets their funding from. And where their researchers get their funding from. And where the friends of their trustees and the friends of their researchers and the friends of their friends get their funding from. And exactly who in the DoH approved yet another quarter of a million pound funding for them this year, even though last year they said they wouldn’t. I have it all logged somewhere. And so have you.

Sorry you didn’t appear on their radar this time Bel. You above all should have done. Your work is superb. Please don’t take it personally. Lol.

Belinda said...

I think this is an own goal. They just acknowledged how many people are against them.