Tuesday, 3 April 2012

European tobacco policy risks increasing illicit tobacco trade, says Transcrime

The story is here.

Full report downloadable from here and executive summary here.

The general public also opposed the proposals presented last year in the consultation to the Revision of Tobacco Products Directive 2001.

Several bloggers yesterday noted the levels of public funding going to promote plain packaging in the south-west region: Dick Puddlecote, Simon Clark, Patsy Nurse and Anna Raccoon for starters – and of course the Hands off our Packs campaign.

The conclusions of Transcrime were summarised in the Executive Summary as follows:
There is no reliable information which which to assess the introduction of maximum limits on ingredients.  The crime risks may vary from marginal to extremely significant depending on the extent and type of the limitations imposed. No [extended crime risk assessment] is currently possible. 
There is a high risk that generic packaging may favour the increased counterfeiting of tobacco products.
There is a medium risk that the implementation of the 'polluter pays' principle may cause the [illicit trade in tobacco products] to grow as a consequence of significant increases in the prices of tobacco products. 
There is a high risk that banning the display of products at points of sale may increase the [illicit trade in tobacco products] to grow because of difficulties in identifying legitimate products and retailers.
 I think that's fairly clear.


Jay said...

So that means they're going to ahead with it anyway, because that's what governments do. Sorry, I know I'm cynical, Belinda... I can't help it.

Belinda said...

they're certainly not going to give way on the basis of this report and the results of their own consultation, Jay. They won't give way without being forced to do so, and it is hard to see what will force them.

Anonymous said...

In the 1990s Canada learned the hardway what high taxation does. These same anti-tobacco rules,regs,laws all create defacto PROHIBITION. Blackmarkets are the result along with a loss of civic belief and faith in the law or the government any longer. Besides the toll being done to medical science and those doctors being threatened if they divulge the joke of second hand smoke!

Harleyrider, still smoking in kentucky and growing it!

Never ever give in.....

Belinda said...

Footnote 1 to the report http://transcrime.cs.unitn.it/tc/fso/pubblicazioni/AP/Transcrime-CP_of_the_EU_TPD.pdf
says that Philip Morris has contributed to the research but Transcrime has retained full editorial control.

This has not prevented ASH Scotland from referring to it as 'funded by Philip Morris', implying full funding from the tobacco company and complete editorial control!