Friday, 30 March 2012

HoReCa claims damages

The launch of HoReCa is described in this press release. Damages will be sought from governments, and also possibly from other agencies that have sought to promote smoking bans.

HoReCa Belgium describes some background to the claim, declaring the smoking ban to be unlawful.

Resistance from the trade in the UK to the smoking ban has been risible. But when the authorities went so far as to imprison Nick Hogan for not paying the stupendous fines he was meant to pay for smoking ban infringements, the general public had organised a whip-round to release him within days, to the tune of nearly £9,000. Fortunately trading associations on the continent are relatively robust: perhaps they can inspire our hospitality trade with their success.

Frank Davis has described this very well. Please go over and look.

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