Thursday, 24 November 2011

Smoking can damage the resale value of your car (but we'll clean it up for you)

I observed this, posted on Facebook by Action on Smoking and Health. On the face of it, it just tells you how smelly smoking makes your car – en passant, drawing attention to the BMA's proposals to ban smoking in cars.  But it concludes:
“You are likely never to get rid of the smoking smell completely, but a comprehensive interior clean from a professional automotive cleaning specialist should make a big difference. This clean may cost you in the region of £150, but should help ensure it attracts interest from buyers in the first instance, and will ultimately help achieve a better price for the car,” [Peter Grøftehauge, Autorola’s chief executive] added.
 You can really trust ASH not to spot when somebody's jumping on the bandwagon for a fast buck, can't you? For valeting services, look no further.


Bill Gibson said...

Can they confirm that the vehicle would be carcinogen free , as cleaning agents conatin the same carcinogens as Tobacco Smoke?

Rick S said...

What I really don't understand is that, while these people acknowledge that smokers own and sell cars, they somehow don't realise that smokers also BUY cars.

Anonymous said...

Given the multitude of unpleasant smells to be found in the average car, petrol, oil, dog, child, revolting air freshener, plastic upholstery and so on wouldn't this be good advice to ANYONE selling a car?