Monday, 4 July 2011

Lincoln protest, 2 July

See here for coverage.
Pat Nurse, a smoker herself who organised the event, says that public thought about smoking is “moving away from the issue of health and towards the issue of public bullying of smokers, denormalisation, dehumanisation, stigmatisation of smokers.”
Comments are still coming in. Well done to all concerned.

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Pat Nurse MA said...

It's one I daren't comment on myself as I could be at it all day and all night and I have to get prepared for my baccy buying trip abroad tomorrow.

I did feel that UKIP hijacked us a bit - although not all of the Ukippers who attended made it Party Political but cause driven but it did negate what we did slightly.

However, I was grateful for that support because not knowing who would turn up I invited my local branch to ensure we had some bodies on the day and so I guess it's churlish not to expect that they would want to get something out of it too.

Maybe next time we can organise it better and come back in bigger numbers with a stronger cause based message as opposed to a political message.