Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Many more hospitals build shelters ...

Five years after the smoking ban came in, this report says that it's not enforceable in the grounds of hospitals and many are rebuilding shelters.

Let's hope they have the sense to make the shelters comfortable enough to tempt people away from the doorways. This will save the security people a job. Four walls and a roof would be nice, although it's still against the law to treat smokers like civilised human beings.

The Daily Express does not specify which hospital trusts are involved. This is not limited to Scotland. Attempts to introduce no-smoking policies into the NHS have been attempted before and failed. Back in 2005, hospitals expressed doubts about being able to introduce no-smoking policies by the end of 2006.
... the results of its random survey of 80 hospital trusts showed that although 90% of them had brought in a partial no smoking policy, the 10% which had gone one step further and tried to introduce a total ban had failed.
Not that it stopped them trying, of course. Some people can't help trying to change human nature – they even keep referring to smoking as a 'preventable cause of death',* while also themselves calling it an addiction, and finding it quite impossible to prevent it from occurring.

* Still an interesting topic for debate.

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