Thursday, 24 March 2011

A bridge too far: sense on smoking from Nurses for Reform

More like this please.

Away from all the government’s blather concerning enterprise, freedom and personal responsibility, the illiberal jack-boots of the do-gooders are again on the march. But this time the unintended consequences of their actions could well turn out to be demonstrably counterproductive. Indeed, once instituted, these measures will be a bridge too far for even the most ardent enemies of freedom. My guess is they will end up ushering in a world of more smoking via criminality and a vast sea of cheaper, untaxed and illicit tobacco. [...]
Simultaneously pitied, hated and left out in the cold smokers are the new minority that I believe all health workers should now be protective of. For when a terror starts to strike, it is not good enough to blindly stand by and obey politicians’ orders. While I choose not to be a smoker, I recognise it is time for good people to stand up on the side of common sense, proportionality and basic tolerance. Being a British libertarian who has always hated racism, homophobia and cruelty, I have a keen sense of when things are going too far and when in the name of the public or collective good, persecution is being unacceptably legitimized.
H/tip Pat Nurse

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