Sunday, 19 December 2010

Assange, Pilger and the freedom to read

You can link here to live news on Wikileaks but be careful what you read or quote especially if you are in any way associated with the US Government, news media or certain academic institutions even from your home computer:

John Pilger defends WikiLeaks & Julian Assange from John Pilger on Vimeo.

The story of Assange is nothing if not confusing: I can't see how it is possible that someone who was detained in conditions of solitary confinement allegedly on a charge of sexual assault (even two charges) can be said not to have been held for political reasons. As Pilger says, Assange's revelations could have been made by the mainstream media corporations if they had been doing their job, and it is beyond farcical that news organisations are now being threatened in order to prevent them from making stories of Wikileaks revelations.

There is more than a head of steam building behind this story now. It is the media's role to investigate why events occur, not to concur with government on the need for official discretion.

Interviewing John Pilger on the video is Amy Goodman: more of her reporting can be found here. A further account of Wikileaks from Goodman can be found here.

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