Friday, 5 November 2010

Bulgarian smoking ban will annoy prohibitionists

Anti-smokers won't be satisfied with this. It's not quite extreme enough.
"I'm satisfied with the partial ban of smoking... at a time of economic crisis, a total ban in restaurants and cafés would have forced some of them out of business," Pavel Naidenov, deputy chair of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association and an owner of a restaurant in the capital, Sofia, said.
Naidenov said the new law would be in the best interests of both businesses and customers. “Seeing the sign on the door, people will have the right to choose to enter a smoking or non-smoking venue,” he added.
Are the bar associations in this country getting embarrassed yet?


JJ said...

Choke on this!

Good post Belinda. I'd love to shove this down the throats of our duplicitous, reprehensible, half-wit politicians.

Anonymous said...

Good on the Bulgars.
as for our spineless,chicken livered,yellow striped publicans,
they have'nt got the bollocks to
put a second class stamp on a
third rate letter.
In the UK all it needed was 1%
(one per cent)of publicans to stand up to be counted,to get their act together,so what did they do they slithered into the
long grass hoping to harvest the
stragglers from nearby closures.

Judgement Day

Smoking Hot said...

This is where l chose my home, l knew l could depend on the Bulgarians. They've just recently got freedom and democracy so treasure it far more than the UK does. Bulgaria ... obi4am te!

The witch from Essex said...

'In practice, nicotine addicts and non-smokers often sit just a table away from each other'.

What a disgusting phrase published by Boryana Dzhambazova in the Balkan press