Thursday, 12 August 2010

One Fine Issued at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

On the second day, they managed to impose a £50 fine on someone for dropping a cigarette butt. Well, that's democracy in action. ASH Scotland couldn't resist including this report in their daily news bulletin, even though there was no url as the story appeared only in its paper edition.

The enforcement officers came to Ninewells on Monday, at the start of what is expected to be a year-long campaign. Smokers were approached. but since they complied when requested to stub out, no fines were issued.

You can almost hear them counting the cost of this exercise. Why don't they just open a large, pleasant, airy waiting room with ashtrays and tea and coffee facilities and the doorway area will be cleared of smokers in a trice.

Incidentally, it was good to see the contribution from Lesley Riddoch to the NHS Grampian debate on Monday. It is only available to subscribers unfortunately but we have had the benefit of correspondence from readers since it appeared: A ban too far yesterday, and Smoking ills today.


Belinda said...

'The deal will see NHS Tayside pay for two enforcement officers to visit the site for 16 hours a week over the next year.

The £20,000 pilot project comes after NHS Tayside failed to find a suitable candidate to replace its first and only smoking liaison officer, dubbed "the smoking clipe."'

Sixteen out of 168 hours covered by two officers ... I wonder why no one wanted the 'smoking clipe' job?

I still think a waiting room would be more effective! Even if the clipe made a great difference in clearing the doorway of smokers, the issue still merits expenditure by the health board that would be spent to better effect elsewhere in the health service.

Chairman Ed said...

It should be remembered that the " enforcement orifices " can only enforce the law relating to the Smoking,Health and Social Care(Scotland) Act 2005 ie in enclosed spaces.

As long as people are not standing in areas defined as enclosed under the above act then the "enforcement orifices" have NO POWERS OF ENFORCEMENT.