Friday, 20 August 2010

Nova Scotia Judge: Tobacco display ban violates tobacco merchant's rights

Legislators north and south of the Scottish border should take note of this ruling. Bob Gee has won the first stage of his case against the provincial government. This is great news but much hangs on the next stage of this case, which will take place on 6 October, when the provincial government will argue the case for the legislation.

The newly elected UK government is also set to review the tobacco display legislation. In Scotland, regulations on the detail of the legislation are still to be approved following a consultation that ended on 20 July. It is unlikely that the Scottish Government would willingly consider a review of this legislation, since only the handful of Scottish Conservative MSPs in the Parliament opposed it. However, Imperial Tobacco has challenged the competence of the Scottish Government to pass the legislation, and the result of this case is expected in the next few weeks.

The consultation responses on the latest consultation (display regulations) on the Scottish legislation have now been published.

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