Sunday, 1 August 2010

Licensed to Abuse?

Comment at 19.42 on this story in the Daily Mail, two days ago: 'It's time we started abusing smokers physically.'

After writing to the Daily Mail about this, I went to a local cop shop this morning (just out of curiosity), with the offending words. Their advice was that it wasn't a police matter, and that the matter should be reported to the Daily Mail. I asked under what circumstances it would be a police matter (for example whether it would be a police matter if directed at another specific group of people) and the officer on duty said each case depended on the exact wording. She said I had done the right thing by complaining to the Daily Mail in this instance, and would be welcome to check any other instance with the police.

So that's what to do: use the feedback form if you want to make your displeasure known. Or letter or any other form of complaint that you can.


Belinda said...

they've taken it off pending an investigation.

John Watson said...

I am not surprised Belinda, I suspect that their legal eagles are giving them a very thorough inspection just in case they've stepped out of line.

As for the Police, no surprises there either, they have a working knowlege of the law but only as it pertains to practical law enforcement. Aside from that there is also a world of difference between a constable on the front desk or a uniformed civilian as some forces use and a Sargeant with ten or fifteen years beat experience, better still the watch Commanding Officer or Station Commander who often have greater experience and knowledge than the desk officer. I would be more inclined to ask a friendly criminal or constitutional lawyer off the record as to his/her view.

Were this comment a spoken comment and had violence taken place as a direct result then it may be possible that charges would be prefered against the author.

Belinda said...

now had another email saying they have decided not to reinstate it. :D