Monday, 30 August 2010

A lesson for Grampian

In common with other hospitals, Royal Derby Hospital and others in Nottingham and Leicester are reviewing their smoke-free policies after they have been (according to policy) 'smoke-free' since 2006.

Patients, visitors and staff are all still smoking on site. The hospital spokesman recognises a need to restore smoking areas on compassionate grounds because of stress levels involved in being in a hospital environment – even for people who are 'receiving treatment themselves'. What a difference from the punitive approach adopted to all smokers adopted by both NHS Grampian and the Scotland Patients' Association.

The obvious solution to on-site smoking is a large comfortable, airy smoking room that will attract smokers away from the doorways. The law is an ass!

If anyone wants to advise the Scotland Patients' Association or NHS Grampian of these developments, contact details are here and here. English news stories don't always reach the Scottish public.


Anonymous said...

The Scotland Patients Association, is it just 2 people working from their homes?

Anonymous said...

Scotland Patients Association, more:-