Sunday, 9 September 2012

Stoptober and its fallacies

The UK has an abundance of wealth to spend on silly stunts like this one.

Dame Sally Davies (CMO) urges us to realise that apart from the financial cost to the country, the cost to individuals is the real issue that people should be thinking about. She tells us that 1,260 people a day are admitted to hospital with smoking-related diseases, It is tiresome to point out what has been said many times: that smoking-related diseases are not necessarily caused by smoking. Consider this graph from the World Health Organisation (h/tip Fredrik Eich at Alternative Analysis). Given the low rate of lung cancer deaths in Mexico compared with Scotland, it would seem that there many factors at play other than smoking.

(Legend reads: blue, approximate population in hundreds ages 70–74; orange, deaths from lung cancer ages 70–74.)

In explaining any respiratory problems resulting from air pollution, the burning of fossil fuels merits consideration, especially in the light of reports that UK levels of such emissions have broken European guidelines for years. Only Dame Sally Davies knows why smoking is such a focus of attention, rather than extraordinary levels of emissions, and why the medical establishment repeatedly refers to smoking as a 'preventable cause' of cancer, when considered on a population-wide basis it is not preventable (certainly not more than most other causes of cancer), nor is it necessarily an exceptionally significant cause of cancer or other 'smoking-related' diseases. Do the funders of studies on tobacco allow researchers to conclude that fossil fuel emissions are a factor in respiratory and heart health?


Pat Nurse MA said...

Support #Octabber - for those who don't want to quit tabs and for those who don't smoke but resent a concerted effort to deny the treasury £833 million lost revenue in one month at a time the economy is fragile enough. I have a blog badge made and will be blogging it asap. If you could see my fb page and share the photo, that would be great - but only if you agree with the aims of #Octabber of course.

JasonScoltock said...
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JasonScoltock said...

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Smoking Scot said...

Ah Jason, the human equivalent of a Dung Beetle.