Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another dopamine-blocker to stop enjoyment from smoking on the way

LONDON (Reuters) on a new drug from giants GlaxoSmithKlein:
An experimental drug that blocks certain brain receptors can reduce nicotine cravings in addicted rats and baboons - a finding researchers say could lead to new medicines to help people stop smoking for good.
The candidate drug, called GSK598809, belongs to a class of compounds that block a specific type of dopamine receptor in key areas of the brain linked to tobacco addiction. 
Previous studies have shown that nicotine in tobacco smoke increases the release of the brain chemical dopamine in the ventral striatum, midbrain and pallidum - all parts of the brain thought to play a key role in getting smokers hooked.
Didn't they learn anything from Champix (other than that pharmaceutical drugs regardless of their track record are still considered to be a lower risk to health than smoking?)

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Anonymous said...

We need to get to a situation where they can say anything they like, but nobdy, especially government, takes any notice.

'Public Health' should be re-defined and returned to its original meaning before the zealots got hold of it.