Sunday, 2 September 2012

2032 could see end of UK smoking

One wonders what convoluted calculations might have produced this prediction. But all it is, is a prediction stated by Professor John Britton, a career tobacco control advocate, that the anti-smoking community can eradicate smoking 'within 20 years'.

Adding, 'Andrew Lansley could make himself a legacy greater than almost any other Health Secretary in history', Britton opines that in spite of growing austerity and increasing strains on the NHS, the British public will laud Lansley for a prediction to eradicate smoking, even though he will not be Health Secretary
for nearly long enough to see this prediction out.


Anonymous said...

This will rank alongside the achievements of eradicating heroin use, abolishing opioid dependency and freeing the world from the tyranny of alcohol.
In other words in a world where there are at least 1.2 billion tobacco users this is a fantasy.

oh and do something about your verification. I have had to try about five times before I could read what the characters were. You don't need to be a robot to not be able to make them out, they are awful.

Belinda said...

sorry, Marie, I don't understand what you mean by verification.

Beleaguered Consumer said...
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Anonymous said...

from Pat Nurse

Hi Belinda - I think your title should read "smokers to be criminalised in 20 years". That after all is the real aim because they know, like drugs, that smoking will continue but they get their final wish. To see the people they despise locked up, fined, and denigrated into the lowest social class possible.

The plan is to punish the smoker adults that they haven't been able to save as kids and nothing more. That then takes the onus from them having failed and puts it onto the "stupid selfish smoker who just doesn't know what's good for 'em" while giving bigots like Briton jobs for life as criminal enforcers.

If Lansley wants to go down in history as the biggest prejudicial and hate mongering bigot in British history who attacked one consumer group just because he could, then citizens will recall when the UK had its own Hitler in high office.

If he goes ahead, we should be thinking of starting a fund to have him arrested for hate crime because this move is not about health and will do nothing to improve it. It is based purely on spite.

In fact, we have no choice now but to take legal action against our Govt and I am working on that.

Everyone must fight this whether they smoke or not. What next - criminalisation of fatties over a certain weight by the year 2042? Criminalisation of alcoholics by 2035?

The road we are on is madness and frankly Lansley is too thick to see it because he's a smoker hating snob.

BTW I know what Marie means about word verification but I expect blogger chooses and not you. They are just difficult to read and distinguish

Belinda said...

Yes the penny dropped later about verification but being the site owner I am not required to see it! Certainly I can't manage it or change it.

Zaph said...

Hopefully we will instead see the eradication of irritant busybodys like "Professor" Britton by 2032. And I say this as a lifelong non-smoker.

timbone said...

Was it not in 1975 that a meeting chaired by Godber predicted that they could eradicate smoking by the year 2000?