Saturday, 14 July 2012

How long can the Scotsman keep this up?

Plea from British Heart Foundation spokesman to sign petition in favour of packaging – Thursday
Plea from young scientist to sign petition in favour of plain packaging – Friday
Plea from Labour MEP David Martin to sign petition in favour of plain packaging – Friday

Go to Hands Off Our Packs instead!

By the way, the runner up in the race to plain packaging won't be the UK after all.


Fredrik Eich said...

A whil back you complained that my population charts were a little confusing. So I have added a new chart to show the population vs lung cancer for scotland and mexico.
Hopefully it is crearer now!

Belinda said...

yes it does, thanks.

Fredrik Eich said...

Quite astonishing don't you think. Clearly if you don't want to get lung cancer - move to Mexico.
Nice beaches!