Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blame the smoker, why dontcha? they bring down aeroplanes now

Medical News Today reports that in-flight smoking crisis cards are to be handed out with the cards that tell you how to deal with an aircraft emergency. They include such invaluable advice as 'taking sips of water, deep breathing and other distraction techniques and setting a quit date'.

In case this juxtaposition of smoking cessation advice and instructions about how to behave in a forced landing seems in any way melodramatic, the report points out, 'Washroom smoking is thought to have caused at least one multi-fatality airliner crash and put other flights at risk'.

Words fail me. 

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Anonymous said...

The most obvious thing I noticed when I read the report referenced was that this calamity, brought about by a smoker and causing multiple fatalities was not identified. Why not? Maybe for the same reason they never identify the millions killed by second hand smoke? i.e. they have no evidence.
Funny how those so concerned about our in flight safety made so little fuss about Deep Vein Thrombosis and its causes...after it was revealed that the major cause of D.V.T. is poor air quality. Air quality of course began to deteriorate after smoking was banned on air planes, when the air was changed less often.
Despite scare stories D.V.T. is a far bigger threat than smokers.