Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Yougov and Cancer Research team up to give a reliable study on adult attitudes to tobacco marketing, or not

The story is here.

Yougov's credentials are here, the board of trustees for Action on Smoking and Health – look for Peter Kellner, Yougov president.

Cancer Research shows its colours here. If you don't want to restrict tobacco use and/or regulations don't even bother asking them for funding. Their minds are made up.


Xopher said...

Plus Kellner's other half is Baroness Ashton who may provide an EU perspective!!

Belinda said...

Is that so? :))

Xopher said...

You couldn't make it up .. a pair of (_!_)s

Anonymous said...

The proposed Plain packs are obscene and if they ARE introduced will be swiftly emptied and contents transfered to an old pack or cig case and then for revenge they will be dumped in the street!,ive had enough and will not be beaten by these control freaks!