Tuesday, 15 May 2012

More scribblings from the ASH Scotland CEO

Sheila is keeping well busy these days, and in the pages of the Caledonian Mercury continues her crusade against the tobacco companies. Scotland is pictured as the heroic small country fighting against the evil tobacco that causes most of the country's premature deaths. She champions the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, congratulating the Scottish government for distancing itself from the tobacco industry (much like its sister organisation has done, characterising everyone up to seven degrees of separation from tobacco companies as tobacco-smeared).

Tomorrow, she informs us, is the next court appearance for tobacco companies fighting the vending machine ban. Lies and trickery characterise these tobacco manufacturing demons who will not go gently into extinction when threatened by wee Eck and the mighty tobacco control arm of the Scottish government.

Enough. 'The tobacco industry is a public pariah,' she tells us, quoting Yougov. Has anyone done a survey about what percentage of the population believes tobacco control?

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Bill Gibson said...

So ... have the politicians given up thir pensions that have been kept afloat by the Tobacco Industry?