Friday, 11 May 2012

Bulgarians to rally against smoking ban

A rally against the smoking ban in enclosed spaces, due to begin 1 June, will take place in Sofia on Sunday featuring local film stars:
[One of them,] Slabakov, a passionate chain-smoker, argues that the ban on smoking was approved not without the assistance and financial support of drug cartels.
"Humans are not angels. Once you uproot one vice, there is more free room for another one to take root. I am absolutely sure that drug cartels are pouring money for this ban to be introduced. Have you noticed that over the last 15 years talk about drugs is not so popular, whole cigarettes have gained the reputation of the biggest scourge of mankind?" 
I have no more evidence on this than Slabokov but it is an interesting thought. There is absolutely no doubt that the biggest beneficiaries of restrictions on tobacco use are illegal traders, and according to the article illegally traded tobacco already constitutes up to two-fifths of the tobacco market.

Bulgarian political representatives had the sense not to ban smoking outdoors in a vote yesterday.

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