Thursday, 17 May 2012

Less anti-smoking advertising under the Coalition

Anti-smoking: a pitch is expected to take place next month
House on fire? Or maybe someone's just burned the toast?
No, it's someone smoking at the door, facing outdoors. From Brand Republic

In this piece, Brand Republic speculates about the future of anti-smoking advertising in the current review and overhaul of government's central communications.
Anti-smoking ads were backed with a £26.7 million budget in 2008/09, which dropped to £14.6 million in 2009/10 and just £1.1 million in 2010/11.
I dread to think what they're spending these savings on, but a reduction in this particular budget is welcome news.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if these figures are accurate.
We hear £1/2 million is being used by Smokefree SouthWest to promote one current anti-smoking initiative so much more is being spent throughout the Country.
I suspect one specific advertising budget has been reduced and replaced by many others