Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Children discuss pretty boxes for CRUK study

Are these the kids whose confidentiality Gerard Hastings was so keen to protect last summer?

Oh they can't be, they're too young.

Robert Dow comments again in another letter to the press.

Do these clowns really think this is evidence that these children will take up smoking in ten years' time – just because they find the boxes attractive? I hate to cast any doubt on the integrity of the researchers (the whole project is ridiculous anyway) but it is hard to imagine that they presented these packs to the kids without hinting at what was expected of them. But that is almost beside the point. All this proves is that the kids have somehow managed to blind themselves to the pictures of diseased organs and babies in incubators (how does that make any kid 'almost happy'?) seeing only the 'pretty' packaging. It tells us nothing about the likelihood of their smoking later in life.

Dick Puddlecote has covered this issue in depth:

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