Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Smoking still a part of life in France

Funny how life can be so different in two countries separated only by the English Channel. In Andrew Lansley's England smoking is no longer a part of life. In France, defiance of the smoking ban has been reported widely in Paris. The French non-smoking organisation Droits des Non-fumeurs describes the volume of complaints about smoking violations as 'colossal'.

Some more reasons that smoking is not likely to disappear any time soon are discussed here.


Anonymous said...

"Smoking is no longer part of life, says Andrew Lansley"
Strangely enough it still seems to be a part of many peoples' lives so the simple logic is that Lansley no longer a part of our lives!!!!
The sooner the better.

Chris W said...

Ignore him,it,s only more brainwashing tactics by the Government !

Anonymous said...

Tis a sad day indeed when French Frogs
have more bollocks than"British" Lions.
Of course we fully expected the
fringe backward tribes of Ireland ,Scotland and Wales to
bend their knees to authority,they've had a 1000 years
practice of cap doffing ,but for the English to follow suit,is most

Cheshire Bowman