Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Johnny Rotten supports review of smoking ban

Johnny Rotten has called on David Cameron to review the smoking ban, describing it as 'ludicrous'. His opposition to the ban was clear from very early in the ban's history.


Smoking Hot said...

Don't always agree with John Lydon but he is always sincere in his views. Take his recent NME appearance ... which l do agree with.

Has a 20 year wait for a new PiL album mellowed John Lydon? What do you think? Yep, the biggest gob in music is back, and he’s just as pissed off and antagonistic as ever. On the government: “Two c**ts for the price of one”

Nice clip of an interview too ... yes, he's smoking!

david said...

Citing civil liberties has little impact and he makes a fundamental error by calling for separate facilities. He should study the science behind the ban and use his public platform to draw attention to the lies.

Aussie said...

yes he should be aware of the facts and behave