Saturday, 21 April 2012

Constituency list plug

The Bolton Smokers' Club has come up with an idea to create an effective force for lobbying MPs. The idea is to form a list of supporters and the constituency they live in, with the aim of covering the whole country.
The idea is that we need at least one person per constituency in England. I am a constituent of Bolton South East constituency. I can write to my MP. I can make an intelligent case against ‘plain packaging’. I can pull the so-called evidence for plain packaging apart. I can ask my MP to accept personal responsibility for decisions. If we had at least one constituent per constituency able and willing to demand responsibility from our MPs, then we could start to make them act in a responsible manner.  
One willing person per constituency in England equals about 500 persons. This blog is too small to achieve such numbers, but blogs like Frank Davis and Dick Puddlecote, to name but two, could certainly identify a spread of people throughout England. FOREST and FREEDOM TO CHOSE especially should be able to produce sufficient numbers. Damn it! We are talking only about only some 500 people!
We could think about taking one study about SIDS apart in detail and showing that any correlation between smoking and SIDS is ephemeral. We could also do that with a study about meningitis. These things are not difficult. The objective would be to remove from the equation the ‘sheeple’. Thus, by the intelligent use of logical argument, 15,000 postcards from ASH ET AL could be rendered ineffectual.
For the 'fringes', Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the idea might have less mileage because of the West Lothian Question. MPs in those regions may not be receptive to constituents writing to them on issues where the vote doesn't affect them directly. But I have put my name on this list because the MPs still vote on these issues. (A substantial list from 'the regions' could, of course, correspond with their own local Members of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly Members in the same way.)

Junican, who owns this blog, stresses that he doesn't need people's real names if they usually post under a pseudonym. This is the latest blog post addressing the Constituency List ... please join in!

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